It is harder than ever to create a worry-free retirement cash flow to pay for lifestyle after age 60. 

Low interest rates on bonds, fewer pensions, kids at home and longer lives have left the average Canadian struggling to find enough money to survive in retirement.

In this fast paced two day webinar, Kurt Rosentreter will address retirement cash flow considerations on retirement age, CPP, RRIF, income splitting, tax planning, estate factors, insurance and real estate.

The full range of investment products possibly considered for retirement including: dividend paying stocks, preferred shares, corporate bonds, GICs, bond funds and ETFs, REITs, TSWP mutual funds, guaranteed withdrawal insurance products, segregated fund from insurance companies and much more will be covered. 

The second day will include a case study on how to pull the plan together – from understanding expenses and how to match them up with income sources after tax.  

Topics to Be Discussed Will Include:

✔️ Determining relevant costs in retirement and how it differs from the working years. Retirement budgeting and how to pay for periodic costs

✔️ Calculating how much money is needed to save for retirement and what is available to spend after retirement

✔️ Building an investment portfolio to provide for retirement spending and analyzing all the various products you can consider. Reviewing investment fees, investment taxation, different advisors you may consider and even do-it-yourself investing. 

✔️ Retirement planning concepts and strategies for discussion will include CPP, Old Age Security, RRIFs, real estate downsizing or not, career length, supporting children, old age healthcare costs, pensions, no pension, spousal death and more.

✔️ Income tax minimization and deferral strategies designed just for retirees

✔️ What role your Will and estate plan has on your retirement.  

Who Benefits From this Program?

✔️ Individuals approaching retirement in the next few years or who are retired now and would like guidance on these different topic areas of retirement planning. 

✔️ Professionals providing retirement planning advice to clients. 

✔️ Individuals assisting family members to manage their financial affairs.